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January 8, 2010 on 6:58 pm
Though the pears pictured do not have a textur...
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Here’s a great article about pears from the website, which features articles written by dietitians. It includes a brief history of the pear, various types available, their nutrition composition and even some tasty recipes.

Below is a excerpt from the article:

“According to USA Pears, the following pear varieties are commonly available:
•Anjou: refreshingly sweet and juicy with a hint of citrus
•Red Anjou: aromatic, juicy, fresh and sweet
•Bartlett: signature pear flavor with abundant juice
•Red Bartlett: juicy and sweet with a floral essence
•Bosc: crisp and woodsy with a honey sweetness
•Comice: succulent, buttery, and exceptionally sweet
•Concorde: crunchy and earthy with a hint of vanilla
•Forelle: crisp, tangy, and refreshingly sweet”

The pear is one of my favorite fruits in the winter months.  I have a juice recipe that I would like to share with you.

Earth Momma Pear

  • 2 firm pears, cut into pieces that will fit the juicer
  • 2-3 parsnips, cut into pieces
  • ½ lime peeled, and cut

Just throw the produce into your vegetable juicer and I think you will be pleasantly surprised and how refreshing this tastes.

You can read the entire article here.

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