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December 23, 2010 on 9:43 pm
Lost Energy Drinks
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There are marketers out there that are trying to get you to buy these so called “energy drinks,” claiming they are good for recovery after a workout. But beware, these energy drinks are loaded with caffeine, sugar, and empty calories and don’t make a good recovery drink at all!

What you really need is something to replace those lost fluids and electrolytes. You can try a sports drink if you want, which is usually lower in sugar and higher inĀ  electrolytes. What I like best, however, and can save you a little money is making your own recover drink. I love a fresh juice mix: pears, spinach and celery make a good combination.

According to Gloria Tsang, RD

“Energy drinks should have no place in our diet, but sports drinks may. Sports drinks can not only quench your thirst, but also replenish fuel and electrolyte loss. However, you do not need to purchase commercial sports drinks!”

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