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December 26, 2010 on 9:16 pm

Continuing on, so if you’re not a Centrifugal or Masticating juicer personality maybe some of the ones below fit you better. So to continue with the quiz…

Are You A Twin Gear Juicer

Hello good lookin’ are you ready to start cookin’? I’m the Twin Gear Juicer and I am the cream of the crop. Juicing fanatics who will settle for only the best pay top dollar for me because they know I will outperform all the rest.

I have two gears that turn around one another to twist, press, and rip apart fresh produce in a more efficient manner than all other juicer types. I am worth more than other juicers because I break apart even the tiniest veins to release more nutrients for your body.

I work twice as hard so you can benefit twice as much!

My delicious juice is far more nutrient-packed than the juices you get from other juicers, but I also make more juice. I give you dryer pulp and about 25% more juice so your money stretches further with me on your counter. I can sometimes be made from bio-ceramics like the Green Star Juicers, and that makes me even better because it helps me pull out even more nutrients.

Unlike the other types of juicers, I love chewing through green leafy vegetables, including wheatgrass! I can actually turn them into chlorophyll drinks if you want…that’s how good I am!

I’m not going to be a good fit if you are on a tight budget unless you really shop for a great deal, but I promise I am worth every dollar on my price tag. I am the best juicer if you are serious about making juicing your way of life or if you just want really delicious, nutritious juice and will only settle for the best of the best.
The Wheatgrass Juicer

I’m the Wheat Grass Juicer and obviously I’m just good for taking fresh wheat grass and turning it into healthy chlorophyll juice to nourish, heal and energize your body. I am very popular today because more people realize that chlorophyll can do wonders for the body and natural wheat grass juice is more beneficial than supplements. This was all started by Charles F. Schnabel back in the 1940s, but millions of people are benefiting from the knowledge today.

If you want to juice up a variety of veggies and fruits in addition to wheat grass you should look at the powerful masticating juicers or those elitist twin gear juicers, but if you just want a simple manual wheatgrass juicer to use on a casual basis, I’m your girl. I’m also very affordable, especially if I’m manual.

The Citrus Juicer

Half up those oranges, grapefruit, and tangerines because I’m ready to start squeezing them! I am the simple yet deliciously sweet citrus juicer and I can take any type of citrus fruit from large oranges to small limes and turn them into fresh juice in just minutes. You cut your fruits in half and press me down over them and I squeeze out juice rich in vitamin C. If you use oranges, I can also give you tons of potassium, thiamine and folate.

Sure, you could use those other juicer types to get juice from citrus juices, but there are two reasons to save your citrus just for me: I use much less oxygen and heat so your juices will last longer in the fridge and my juices are much higher quality than what you can achieve with any other type of juicer.

Which juicer personality makes you smile the most? Which one reminds you of yourself? Which one might be the best fit for your expectations, standards and budget?

Anyway you go you will have the ability to improve your health and general well being by drinking pure juices with no additives, colorings or preservatives and all their natural nutrients left intact.

Now that you have an idea what type of juicers are on the market and what their differences are, it’s time to start learning how these juicers can bring you greater health. It’s time to stock up on knowledge so you can hit the store and stock up on healthful, delicious fruits and vegetables!

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