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March 1, 2010 on 8:17 pm
Orange juice is usually served cold.
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One very common question asked by people who are just starting to juice or thinking about juicing is this: why can’t I just buy a blender? There is actually a big difference between blending and juicing, so let’s tackle this right up front.

Juicing fruits and vegetables requires the juice be separated from the solids (pulp, peels and seeds) by shredding, squeezing, and spinning in a juicer machine. The liquid is then consumed in a cup. The juice is easier for the body to digest than fruits and vegetables eaten whole. The body simply has less work to do when you consume juice, so the nutrients are assimilated into your system quite rapidly.

A fresh glass of juice is like a wholesome, natural concentrated liquid vitamin overflowing with enzymes, phyto-nutrients and minerals.

Blending on the other hand, combines whole ingredients into the blender which then chops, mixes or purees the items into a liquid mixture. While a juicing machine will spit out leftover pulp that can be used for other things or simply discarded, a blender puts everything you put into the machine into the final product.

For example, to make orange juice with a citrus juicer you would just chop an orange in half, set it in the machine, and squeeze out the juice. The peel would then be discarded. You can’t do this with a blender unless you remove all skin from the orange and then you still would not get smooth, silky orange juice in the end.

Some people argue that making juice in a vita mix blender is better because it keeps all of the fiber in the juice. It’s true that you need fiber in your diet to be healthy, but you still get adequate amounts when you combine juicing with a well balanced diet rich in whole grains, nuts, legumes, and tons of fresh produce. Plus, you can still make use of every bit of fiber in your fruits and vegetables while juicing by using the pulp in a recipe.

Blending to create juice is time consuming and it doesn’t work with many fruits and vegetables. Make sure you get plenty of fiber in other areas of your diet and you will do much better with a juicer.

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