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January 29, 2010 on 10:34 pm
Healthy snack
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This is the time of year that many people are kicking themselves for not meeting their New Year’s resolutions. That new gym membership has not sweated in the last month; the diet plan is collecting dust; those cigarettes found their way back home like a prodigal bum. Our personal health phase is over—it was too much work. Why not try a different strategy that is less stressful and demanding that might bring about those same desired results? provides a simple idea: why not try healthy snacking to loose weight and acquire more energy. Eat more to lose weight? Are you nuts? (No, that was an earlier post—“Seeds and Nuts” [yuk-yuk]). What the author of the blog post, How Healthy Snacking Helps Your Diet” argues is that if we change the quality of our diet and snack with a purpose, we will become healthier.

The recommendations include hydrating often to aid our critical body functions; eat snacks that contain proteins and carbohydrates for their nutrients; snack often so that we don’t gorge at the next big meal. Finally, studies show that those of us who eat breakfast eat less calories throughout the day.

The author concludes: “Improving your diet can be accomplished through small, easy-to-manage steps. Adding in a couple of snacks can be a great start to your new year’s goals! As long as you keep portions in check and the foods you choose healthful, you may be surprised to see how just a couple of thoughtful snacks can jumpstart positive changes to your intake!”

At Fresh Start Juicers, we have food dehydrators that are great for making your own snacks such as granola, trail mix, and crackers.

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