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May 14, 2010 on 6:20 pm
A Granny Smith apple

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There are all sorts of advertisements on how a whole fruit juicer can really save you time when you want to make that fresh juice at home. In fact, those ads make it sound like these particular juicers are a must have for anyone who enjoys making their own juice.

To be honest, while the whole fruit juicer may be worthwhile for the few people who only want to make their own fruit juice, they are not quite as wonderful as they are made out to be. When the ads say that these machines will make fruit juice from whole fruit, they mean small to medium size fruits, not those large Granny Smith apples.

The only thing that makes these juicer machines different from other juicers is the size of the feed chute, which in most cases is about 3 inches. Larger enough for a nectarine but, a little small to fit a whole orange or large apple in and forget about squeezing that regular size pineapple.

They do however, cut down on some prep before squeezing allowing you to feed bigger pieces of apple or pineapple into the chute rather than cutting so many small pieces.

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