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June 18, 2010 on 9:06 pm

green power kempo juicerVegetable juicers are simply juicers that turn fresh vegetables and fruits into fresh and delicious tasting juice that have more vitamins and minerals than that juice you buy in the store with none of the additives or preservatives.

These juicers come in a variety of types and styles including centrifugal, masticating or single gear, and twin gear.

While all these juicers make fresh juice theĀ  twin gear and masticating juicers give you more juice for the amount of fruit you use which overtime can save you a good deal of money especially if you are buying rather than growing your produce.

In addition, these types of vegetable juicers do a better job with leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, and even wheat grass. Some can even be used to make fruit smoothies and homemade natural baby food.

However, these juicers also tend to be a bit more expensive though they are worth the additional money, because they deliver better tasting juice that stays fresh longer.

However, each person has one type of juicer they prefer and the important thing is choosing the one that you like the best and will use to the most often.

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February 7, 2010 on 9:47 pm

rawfood dietThere is a stigma against the raw food lifestyle in our society today. Many people believe it is synonymous for a super restrictive vegan lifestyle which forces you to give up all the foods you love. Very few people can follow that type of diet for long so it is considered extreme. The good news is living a raw food lifestyle doesn’t have to be overly restrictive and you don’t have to shun everything tasty and enjoyable.

Changing from an unhealthy diet full of high fat, processed foods can be very practical and enjoyable. When done in slow, calculated steps from someone who has done their research and educated themselves on what a raw food lifestyle really is, the change from unhealthy to raw food is very realistic and easy to follow long term.

You can live a full life and thoroughly enjoy yourself while following your own version of a raw food diet!

Understanding the Raw Food Lifestyle

The common misconception about a raw food lifestyle is that you can only eat raw fruits and vegetables. Cooking is not allowed and everything is incredibly bland, dry and tasteless. This is the extreme raw food lifestyle that some people are able to maintain, especially those who live this way for religious reasons. Fortunately, this isn’t the raw food lifestyle that the majority of people settle into today.
This isn’t the way it has to be for you!

A raw food diet simply means you eat foods that are completely natural and which have not been processed or treated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones, and other unnatural and often extremely unhealthy substances. You fill up on nutrient-dense foods that give you life and energy rather than taking your life slowly over time.

There is a spectrum with a very unhealthy diet on one end and the extremely restrictive raw food or vegan lifestyle on the other end. Where you end up on this spectrum is up to you. Most people settle somewhere in the middle where they enjoy tons of raw foods on a regular basis along with whole grains and other foods that are lightly processed. They also enjoy their favorite unhealthy foods in small portions from time to time.

What a healthy lifestyle actually means will be different for everyone. It’s about finding what you are comfortable with and what makes you feel healthy, vivacious and alive.

What Healthy Really Means

The raw food lifestyle does center on your food choices, but there are many other aspects of a healthy life:

* Consistent Exercise
* Pure Water
* Detoxification
* Rest
* Spirituality

Those who are the most successful with a healthier way of eating tend to be those who are also striving to get healthy in some or all of these other areas.

Again, it’s not about making drastic changes overnight. In the part ll of Going More Raw we will look at some ways you can get moving towards a healthy lifestyle, what this will look like and how it can work for you.

We have many small appliances and kitchen gadgets in our store that are perfect for anyone considering the raw food diet. From Excalibur dehydrators, sprouters & growing kits, to a wide variety of twin gear juicers.

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