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January 3, 2010 on 11:03 pm
Melliferous flower
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I’d like to add to the list that Shereen Jeqtviq nutritionist and author for wrote. She talked about grocery shopping for healthier foods, and for me I need to make sure that I had lunch or at least a snack before I go into the grocery store. I not only will spend more money when I’m hungry, but I’m apt to pick out foods that aren’t as healthy for me.

“Whether it’s a resolution you set for January 1, or a goal you start mid-year to reach, you can make the next year of your life a healthier one.

The first step is to take a look at what your diet and health have been like for the last 12 months. Think about questions like these and write down your answers in a notebook so that you can look back them again a year from now:”

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