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July 17, 2010 on 12:07 am
The Original Zaksenberg Citrus Squeezer

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As consumers, everyone wants to get the very best product for their money. Today more than ever people put a lot of research into the finding the right appliances that fit in best with their lifestyle.

That is why there really is no juicer that is best for everyone.

Choosing a juicer has a lot to do with personal preference and your lifestyle. Keep in mind however, that no one juicer will juice all types of produce equally.

So there really are some things you need to take into consideration when choosing the best juicer for you.

Type of produce you want to juice.

Some people prefer only to make fruit juices, while others may prefer to make fresh vegetable juice and still others want to make both kinds of juice. So knowing what kind of juices you want to produce is important in finding just the right juicer for you.

Speed of Juicing.

Some juicers make juice faster than others. If you want quick juice from your produce then choose that type of juicer.

Ease of cleaning. Some people don’t mind putting a little more effort in cleaning their equipment if it means getting the juice you want. Others want to spend as little time at cleaning as possible.

Also, you may want to consider cost, and length of warranty.

Knowing what you want in a juicer will help you decide which juicer is right for you.

January 16, 2010 on 11:56 pm
Lemon Detox
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In the spirit of fast weight loss, health, and maintaining youthful appearances, millions of people go on detox diets every year. Some will last a full two weeks on their detox plan while many others will fall off the restrictive wagon within a week. These detox diets are typically very strict and some people find them impossible to sustain for very long, yet millions of people all over the world are following them on any given day.

These diets are only designed to last a short period of time, but many people swear they are effective. Let’s take a look at the three main things a detox diet is supposed to do for your body and think critically about their necessity and safety.
Eliminating Toxins

This is the number one reason people detoxify their body. The belief is that we pull in toxins from our water, air, and even our food and that is entirely true. When you eat processed foods or fresh foods that have been sprayed with pesticides and fertilizers, you are putting potential toxins in your body. We also breathe in toxins from the air, especially if you live in the city or are around a lot of smokers.

The toxins are clearly there, but most people don’t need to go on a detox diet to get rid of them. Your kidneys and liver are in charge of naturally filtering out these toxins and eliminating them when you use the bathroom. If you can keep these organs healthy and the process of elimination running smoothly you shouldn’t need to go on a strict diet to eliminate toxins. Your body will do that job for you.

Accelerated Weight Loss

Most people will lose a bit of weight while they are on a detox diet, but it isn’t stored fat that you are losing. Detox diets typically consist of very limited calories, which causes the metabolism to drop. Once you go off the detox diet that low metabolism means you burn very few calories throughout the day, which explains why so many people put the weight back on after the detox is over.

Many people will use a detox diet as a jumpstart to a healthier eating plan and it can be effective if you are incredibly careful with what you eat once the diet is over. The more restrictive your detox plan is and the longer you follow it, the more your metabolism can drop.

Clearing Out Accumulated Waste

The idea that bits of waste will accumulate inside the colon and digestive tract if you don’t clear it out with a forceful load of fiber and enemas is completely false. If you are eating a healthy diet and caring for your digestive system, the elimination process should carry on without this force. This is definitely not a reason to put your body through the strain of an intense detox diet.

Is Detox Ever Effective?

So, what can you do to keep your body functioning properly and as clear of toxins and waste as possible? You simply need to consume a diet rich in fiber. Eat plenty whole grains and fill up on fresh fruits and vegetables (organic if possible). Drink a lot of water to keep your system hydrated and get in a bit of exercise every day.

Juicing is something you can add into your daily life to keep your liver and kidneys functioning properly. This will keep your body detoxed without the need for strict diets. We offer many brands and the Omega Vert350 Juicer is very popular

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