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February 27, 2010 on 12:21 pm

In the past, I’m just betting your own Mother said to eat your greens. A healthy well balanced diet, we’re told, is exactly what we need, however views differ on what is healthy and what’s well balanced.

A very important factor all physicians agree on is the need for a good intake of fruit and veggies, and this isn’t to build muscle mass, or even to run fast or get fit. We end up needing minerals and vitamins to be able to perform.

Ascorbic acid, for instance is essential for our well being, but a majority of animals generate this particular item within their bodies. Human being don’t, therefore we have to consume it, and the very best source, are fruit and vegetables.

One method to keep your bodily processes working well is to try to keep it in balance. This is particularly crucial with regards to the body’s hormones. Whenever levels of estrogen increase in males, the actual level of testosterone in the body diminishes; bad news because higher levels of estrogen have been shown to increase the chance of cardiovascular disease as well as prostate related issues.

An excessive amount of estrogen could potentially cause weight gain, hair loss and diminished sex drive. It really is important to have it in check, and another unexpected way to do this is, you got it, is to eat your greens.

The majority of green cruciferous veggies (for example broccoli as well as kale and swiss chard) contain powerful phyto-nutrients. some have been shown to help to balance the body’s hormones and stop estrogen dominance as well as protect against most cancers, cardiovascular disease and prostate-related swelling. But that is not the only reason to consume your greens.

Omega-3, an essential fatty acid which will help decrease internal swelling can be found, as Alpha Linoleic Acid, in dark green vegetables, flax and hemp seeds in addition to walnuts and vegetable oils. Omega-3 is usually referred to as an ‘essential’ fatty acid simply because we can’t produce this in our body; it needs to come via an external (food) supply.

Broccoli can be a common choice of veggie for anyone with a vegetable juicer, since it is made up of an outstanding mixture of vitamins and minerals, and due to the fact it is pretty affordable and also available throughout the year. About 45% of the calories in Broccoli come from protein along with a tremendous quantity of calcium in this vegetable; however pure green juices may be challenging to get used to.

Here’s a recipe to use which means you get healthy, and drink your greens.

  • Separate broccoli heads into small portions – you will need around 1/2 a cup
  • Chop up three medium-sized carrots, an apple and 1/2 of a lemon (peeled). Add a small handful of parsley.
  • Process this in your juicer

Even as we grow older, our bodies find it more difficult to absorb minerals and vitamins. A great idea is to get into the fruit and veggie habit when you are young, and step it up as you grow older. Juicing isn’t just for that get fit crowd. It’s for everyone.

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