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November 13, 2010 on 4:07 pm
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If you aren’t sure that the juicing lifestyle is for you, ask yourself if any of these statements are true for where you are in life right now:

  1. I need to lose weight to avoid or reverse serious health issues.I want to lose weight to feel and look better.
  2. I want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
  3. I am concerned about the chemicals in food I feed my family.
  4. I am trying to stick to a vegetarian or raw foods diet.

If any of these statements could be applied to your life at this time, then juicing will help you get where you want to be. If you want to lose weight, drinking fresh juice will help in many ways. You will have more energy to get through your workouts.

You will feel fuller due to the high level of nutrients in the juice, which helps stop cravings and sensations of hunger. You will also be able to control the calories in your juice by leaving out the sugar that is often included in bottled juice.

If you are concerned with your impact on the environment, there is nothing better you could do then start juicing! You can use fresh vegetables and fruits to create completely natural juices and you won’t be littering the earth with all of those empty plastic bottles.

If you are trying to switch to a raw foods diet, vegetarian, or vegan diet, juicing will make it much easier to stick to this new way of life. Eating a ton of fresh vegetables may be difficult to do every day, but when you juice them up and consume them in delicious combination’s it is much easier.

Even parents are starting to turn to juicing as a way to combat the growing rate of childhood obesity. Store bought juices are part of the problem because children drink too much of them and the sugar content leads to weight gain and problems with blood sugar.

Fresh homemade juice without any extra sugar or preservatives is very healthy for children and ensures they get the nutrients they need to grow even if they hate vegetables!

Juice can be something that you buy at the store and think little about, or it can become something that you enjoy and benefit from every day. The choice is yours, but with all the benefits to juicing vegetables it is worth learning more about.

November 10, 2010 on 4:07 pm
Fresh Juice. Anyone?
Image by AamerJaved via Flickr

Juice seems like such a simple thing. Every grocery store has an aisle lined with juices of every imaginable color. Some are made from fruit, others vegetables, and still others a blend of both. There are even “light” juices on the market for those watching their calories and low sodium vegetable juices. Juice is a part of our modern world and most people never think much about it.

Then there are those who do think about juice even when they aren’t in the grocery store. They think about juice every day because it is a way of life for them.

How can juice be a way of life? It is a way of life when you discover all the benefits of drinking pure juices created in your own home.

Consider just some of the facts about juicing:

  • Fresh homemade juice can pack more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and nutrients than an entire meal.
  • Juice made at home has richer color than store bought juices.
  • Homemade juice tastes better than store bought juices.
  • Consuming fresh juice daily delivers a natural energy boost.
  • The phyto-nutrients in fresh juice can protect the body from deadly diseases, including cancer.

There clearly are many benefits to drinking juice, but the bottled juices you find at the grocery store aren’t going to cut it. If you really want to enjoy these benefits for your body, you need to purchase a juicer and make your own juice blends at home. This eliminates the extra sugar and salt that store bought juices include. It also ensures that you are not drinking preservatives which are unhealthy for your body.

When you start making your own juice you have the convenience of creating your own unique flavor blends and making the juice fresh whenever you want it. With a good juicer you can quickly turn whole fruits and vegetables into delicious juice that is richer in color and taste than juices selling in the stores.

Fresh juice made in your home won’t last as long as bottled juices in the refrigerator, but you can make enough juice for a couple days at a time. This may be a little less convenient then stocking up on enough bottled juice to last a month, but you are giving your body more of those powerful phyto-nutrients and antioxidants.

Your fresh juice will also taste better than juices bought in the store!

October 29, 2010 on 5:22 pm
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Sometimes it takes an unpleasant event to remind us that, ‘the best things in life aren’t things’. We all lead busy lives and it can be difficult to find five minutes of quiet just to enjoy where you are, never mind work out your priorities for the future, but if you do sit down and take the time, it’s likely you’ll realize that your health is important.

The health of a family is one of most parents main concerns, but if you are to care for your family and enjoy them, you have to look after yourself. How many mothers spend time encouraging their children to eat fruits and vegetables, but fail to take all the nutrients they need themselves?

Taking care to eat the right things is very important, but these days it is an almost impossible task. How much time are you supposed to spend checking the labels of the food you buy, deciding which of the many food additives are harmful and which are not, and trying to make sense of the vast number of conflicting pieces of information distributed by the media.

One moment we’ll all die if we eat too much fat, the next it’s carbohydrates. One day it’s ‘Don’t go out in the sun’ the next we’re all Vitamin D deficient. Why? Because we don’t go out in the sun. It’s a complicated world and there are many vested interests spreading false or at best biased information.

One thing all doctors are agreed on is that fruits and vegetables are good for you. One way to avoid worries about additives and preservatives is to create food yourself from those fruits and veggies, and if possible, to grow them yourself.

A vegetable juicer is an important part of this more self-sufficient lifestyle and can make a huge contribution to your fitness level, allowing you to eat food filled with far more of the good things; vitamins, and minerals, and far less of the bad; chemical additives, food colorings, added sugar and pesticides. We all know the benefits of a good green salad, but using a good fruit and vegetable juicer you can create healthy drinks from green vegetables.

One excellent example is broccoli. Filled with vitamins C and A as well as most of the B’s, broccoli is also an excellent source of minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Every one of these is absolutely vital to good health, but these essential elements can be completely destroyed when the food is cooked.

The answer is to eat the vegetables raw, and there are several ways to do this. For many the best solution is to drink the juice. A vegetable juicer separates the juice and the pulp which means you really can make use of all the healthful properties of fruits and vegetables.

Apples and carrots make very tasty healthy juices, but did you know you can use the pulp to create face masks? Tomatoes can be juiced and the pulp (plus some horseradish, onion and yogurt) makes a delicious dip for pieces of raw vegetables. Broccoli or cabbage pulp can be mixed with white vinegar and mayonnaise to create a salad.

There is nothing more important than your health. A vegetable juicer will help you preserve your health by eating the right foods, prepared in the right way.

September 6, 2010 on 1:09 am
Healthy Red Tomatoes with Water Drops
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The Federal government has released a lot of information over the past several years about the link between eating fruits and vegetables and the reduced risk of developing coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

One such study released by the U.S. National Institutes of Health has released 2009 determined that consuming five servings of fruits or vegetables every day lowers your risk of developing cardiovascular disease by 12%.

Of course, the easiest way to get those five or more fruits and vegetables a day is to start juicing!

There is also a growing movement of cancer patients who are using juicing as an alternative therapy for their disease. Many claim to have completely cured their cancer just by juicing, with many consuming a diet more consistent with a raw food lifestyle.

How could juicing possible cure cancer? It is a realistic idea once you realize that the tough fiber walls in many vegetables prevent some of the powerful vitamins, nutrients and enzymes from getting into the body. A good fruit and vegetable juicer will break down those tough fiber walls so the nutrients in the juice are easily assimilated into the blood stream where they are distributed throughout the body. That’s when it has the most power to affect your overall health, whether it be fighting off cancer cells or boosting your metabolism and reducing your risk of heart disease.

Getting Started

Healthy juicing is a way to give your body the enzymes, antioxidants and other nutrients that it needs to function properly and fight off diseases and illnesses. Once you get started you will find that you don’t get minor sicknesses as often as you used to and that you have tons of energy that you were missing before.

No matter how you feel about yourself right now, things are going to change! Juicing can be the single factor that changes your life forever, but you have to do it correctly. If you go too fast too soon you are likely to get discouraged and give up, so take it slow. Start where you are right now and add juice to your daily routines and meals.

Juicing Equipment

Juicing does require the purchase of a good juicer, but there are so many on the market today that you will be able to find one within your budget no matter how low it may be right now. Look for a good centrifugal juicer if you want something economical, but springing for a masticating juicer that works well with leafy greens like wheat grass and spinach should be your ultimate goal.

Don’t think of this as a hard stop to your life as you know it now and an immediate start to do something new. It’s a fresh beginning that has the power to change your health and other aspects of your life s well, but you can’t let that overwhelm you. Think of it as making gradual process toward a healthier life and focus on how much better you feel with each step you take.

You can also purchase juicers that function as food processors as well. This makes them a better investment since you can make healthy frozen desserts, baby foods, and a variety of other products with the same machine you create your juice in. A juicer like the Omega 8006 juicer or a Green Star juicer.

So whatever you decide to do for yourself, please don’t delay getting started.

Juicing is a sure way to gain the health you want and need to stay strong and free of disease.

July 17, 2010 on 12:07 am
The Original Zaksenberg Citrus Squeezer

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As consumers, everyone wants to get the very best product for their money. Today more than ever people put a lot of research into the finding the right appliances that fit in best with their lifestyle.

That is why there really is no juicer that is best for everyone.

Choosing a juicer has a lot to do with personal preference and your lifestyle. Keep in mind however, that no one juicer will juice all types of produce equally.

So there really are some things you need to take into consideration when choosing the best juicer for you.

Type of produce you want to juice.

Some people prefer only to make fruit juices, while others may prefer to make fresh vegetable juice and still others want to make both kinds of juice. So knowing what kind of juices you want to produce is important in finding just the right juicer for you.

Speed of Juicing.

Some juicers make juice faster than others. If you want quick juice from your produce then choose that type of juicer.

Ease of cleaning. Some people don’t mind putting a little more effort in cleaning their equipment if it means getting the juice you want. Others want to spend as little time at cleaning as possible.

Also, you may want to consider cost, and length of warranty.

Knowing what you want in a juicer will help you decide which juicer is right for you.

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