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July 17, 2010 on 12:07 am
The Original Zaksenberg Citrus Squeezer

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As consumers, everyone wants to get the very best product for their money. Today more than ever people put a lot of research into the finding the right appliances that fit in best with their lifestyle.

That is why there really is no juicer that is best for everyone.

Choosing a juicer has a lot to do with personal preference and your lifestyle. Keep in mind however, that no one juicer will juice all types of produce equally.

So there really are some things you need to take into consideration when choosing the best juicer for you.

Type of produce you want to juice.

Some people prefer only to make fruit juices, while others may prefer to make fresh vegetable juice and still others want to make both kinds of juice. So knowing what kind of juices you want to produce is important in finding just the right juicer for you.

Speed of Juicing.

Some juicers make juice faster than others. If you want quick juice from your produce then choose that type of juicer.

Ease of cleaning. Some people don’t mind putting a little more effort in cleaning their equipment if it means getting the juice you want. Others want to spend as little time at cleaning as possible.

Also, you may want to consider cost, and length of warranty.

Knowing what you want in a juicer will help you decide which juicer is right for you.

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