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January 11, 2010 on 1:31 am
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A lot of problems come up when you decide to start eating healthier. You can’t afford to buy special food for yourself and you definitely don’t have the time to cook separate meals, yet your husband and children will turn their noses up when they suspect it may be the least bit healthy. What’s a busy mom supposed to do?
You could go the hard route by putting your foot down and insisting everyone in the family eat what you cook or go hungry. That would result in a lot of bitter looks, empty bellies, and wasted food going into the trash.

There has got to be a better way? And yes of course there is!

You Change Their Favorite Meals By Tweaking It

Look at the meals your family loves right now and make simple substitutions to make them as healthy as possible. You can change white refined pasta and bread to whole grain pasta and bread. Ground beef can be changed to extra lean ground turkey. You can use fresh fruit for flavoring and honey to sweeten instead of refined sugar.

Look at each individual recipe and make simple healthy substitutions. Chances are they will never even notice that you have made the changes!

Invite Kids into the Kitchen

Start including your children in the cooking process and never let on that what they are doing is healthy. Just tell them you want to start teaching them to cook and let them participate in every step of the process. Start by letting them roam the fresh produce section at the store and pick out fruits and vegetables that appeal to them on a visual level. If they picked it out they are more likely to at least try it come dinnertime.

When you get home, invite them into the kitchen and let them help you cook. Even if you have to go behind them and stir again, at least they are taking part in the cooking and will be more excited to eat what they have prepared.

Finally, find a cookbook with healthy recipes and allow older children to read through and pick out dishes they may want to try. If some of their choices aren’t very healthy make some changes and substitutions when you prepare it for the first time. Instead of presenting it as a really healthy dish, you can tell them with excitement “I made that dish you wanted to try!” Kids old enough to read will enjoy picking out their own meals.

Offer a Healthy Sip

Finally, introduce a juicer or smoothie maker into your home. Kids of all ages love juice and you can hide a lot of powerful vegetables into a good fruit blend without them ever suspecting. This is a great way to use up those strange fruits and vegetables that your kids pick out at the grocery store but which you don’t know how to cook up!

Juice made from fresh fruits and vegetables is so nutritious it can be used to make smoothies for breakfast. Try using the Blendtec blender and include your kid’s favorite flavor combination’s or let them get creative and dictate their own combination’s. This makes breakfast fast, tasty, and healthier than any bowl of cereal could ever be!

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